On Tuesday's Bachelor in Paradise, a surprise potential couple emerged. Fans hadn't expected Danielle Maltby and Wells Adams to get together when the season began, but they were into it as soon as the pair kissed as Danielle was leaving.

Although unexpected, the kiss wasn't completely out of the blue. Danielle and Wells have known each other for years and are in the same friend group in Nashville. They even went on one date about four years ago, but it didn't develop into a relationship beyond friendship. But in Paradise, they both started to reconsider, since they both think highly of the other. They made a joke pact to get married if they're both still single in five years.

There were a lot of factors working against them getting together. Wells isn't on Bachelor in Paradise to give out roses. He's there as the bartender, making drinks and counseling the lovelorn folks who sit down in his cabana. Danielle, while well-liked by everyone, wasn't making any romantic connections with her male counterparts, so she decided to leave Paradise and go work with kids in Africa, which is the opposite of being on Bachelor in Paradise.

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But when she went to say goodbye to Wells, he took the opportunity to share his true feelings. "If anyone deserved to find someone here, it's you," he said before unexpectedly kissing Danielle. Then the SUV whisked her away, leaving us like "awwwwwwwwwww."

"We'll have some things to talk about when I get back," Danielle said.

It was a cute moment between two of the most likable, least problematic people in the franchise, and Bachelor Nation responded accordingly with enthusiasm at the prospect of a Danielle-Wells relationship — including Wells' friend and Bachelorette alum Evan Bass!

Sadly, despite all the fandom around the potential relationship, it doesn't look like Danielle and Wells are currently. They both posted an Instagram video on July 28 of them eating hot dogs, but nothing since then. Maybe they got caught up in the romantic Bachelor in Paradise atmosphere and there wasn't anything there in real life. Maybe they're waiting to reveal their love on the cover of People. Either way, I'm sure we'll find out more about where they're at next week, when Wells appears in-studio before Corinne's sit-down interview.

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