After a wild, boozy season of The Bachelor — complete with the requisite crazy chicks and scantily clad catfighters — Jerry O'Connell's little brother, Charlie, finally announces the woman he'd like to "spend more time with."

That's right, there'll be no syrupy marriage proposal or televised wedding. And in a Bachelor first, Charlie was permitted to date his two finalists — Sarah B. and Krisilyoff camera before naming his Chosen One in tonight's live finale (8 pm/ET on ABC).

Mr. O'Connell says he's sick of sneaking around and can't wait to go public with his relationship. But can't resist reminding him to be careful what he wishes for. Bachelor couples quickly turn into tabloid targets!

"I'm prepared to start a relationship and, as far as scrutiny, I've been taking scrutiny from Day 1 on this thing," O'Connell insists. "I heard I wasn't being honest, I heard that I was kissing and telling. If I am going to get [scrutinized], so be it. I don't pay attention to it. There is enough pressure in the whole thing."

No doubt he's learned a bit about handling the paparazzi from his big bro, who's currently dating John Stamos' ex-wife, Rebecca Romijn. So how does Jerry — whose connections set Charlie up as this season's Bachelor — feel about his dating games?

"I don't go online and read [message boards]," he continues, "but [Jerry] calls me up every now and then and says, 'They are saying good things about you' or, 'They are saying bad things about you.' He gets all worked up about it! He could be the biggest fan of the show."

After watching the females go for each other's throats on last week's Women Tell All episode, does Charlie regret ditching any of his TV exes? "Do I wish I'd kept anyone around longer for a relationship? No!" he laughs. "There are girls that I definitely got along with and there are girls that are definitely going to be friends. I'm very happy with every decision I made."

"[Watching Women Tell All] didn't really tell me anything," he shrugs. "I was there! I got to see that Sarah W. was getting crazier and crazier. I [did] feel bad for Kimberley. [Wearing skimpy clothes] is just how Kimberley dresses; it has nothing to do with her personality and how honest and nice she is. I feel like she's getting attacked for no reason."