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The Bachelorette Villain Chad Johnson May Be a Changed Man on Famously Single

He's working on his issues, y'all

Malcolm Venable

Chad Johnson wasn't exactly the boy you bring home to mother during his stints on Bachelor in Paradise. But despite the raging outbursts and pants-pooping that made him the reality show equivalent of a 10-car freeway pileup, there was a faint sense that, underneath it all, the guy had a good heart and wanted to be loved like everyone else. He just had some issues, that's all!

Seeing Chad work toward resolving those issues -- and quite possibly being redeemed in the public eye -- is what we'll witness on E!'s Famously Single when the second season begins this summer. Along with fellow participants including Jersey Shore's Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Dorothy Wang, Johnson will be living in a downtown L.A. loft, getting relationship and life coaching from Dr. Darcy Sterling.

The Bachelorette made me sympathize with Chad and I hate it

Whereas other relationship shows focus on finding the right one, Famously Single seeks to help reality TV's favorite hot messes get to the root of what causes them to be human SWIPE LEFTs. Of course, there's no way to do that without them going on dates, but Johnson told reporters at NBC's summer press day in Los Angeles that he went into it actually looking to heal rather than find love.

"I think for me especially, you don't go in trying to force something," he said. "It's starting with therapy ... and trying to find someone willing to work with me on what I needed to work on. I had a couple breakthroughs... realizations that made me realize some things I do, why I do them."

Could it be that Chad has just been misunderstood? During Bachelor in Paradise, he said, "I was going through stuff with my mother passing," and when he got invited to set, he didn't know what to expect; he thought he could just party, and boy, party he did. He admitted that sometimes, his behavior "doesn't come off that cool."

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Dr. Sterling and cast member Dorothy Wang insisted that Famously Single was actually a therapeutic experience -- like a retreat for their broken love-o-meters -- rather than a drink-throwing hookup fest. "It's a real immersive experience for these guys," Sterling said. "It's a great opportunity to whet everyone's appetite for growth." Sterling said she was "touched by the integrity and sincerity" of everyone on the show, and that helped them get to know themselves better and grow. "I feel like they're my little children and I'm their mommy."

A cool mom that has no problem with her kids drinking, that is. Lest anyone be worried that Johnson and pals would be, you know, sober the entire time, worry not. When asked how much he was drinking during taping, he said "As far as drinking, you're going to have to watch. I don't remember."

Season 2 of Famously Single premieres Sunday, July 9 at 10/9c on E!