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On this week's episode of The Bachelor, contestant Emily finally told Brad about her daughter and her fiancé's death. While Brad seemed comfortable with her tragic past, host Chris Harrison says the reveal is only the "tip of the iceberg" for Brad and Emily's relationship. Harrison spoke to about the hurdles that the couple will face and why both he and Brad think Madison made a huge mistake in leaving the show. I'm glad Emily was able to tell Brad about her daughter and late fiancé.
Chris Harrison:
He obviously had no idea when he put her on the plane how much angst that would cause. Brad could feel something was wrong from the moment they got on the plane. Every question she kind of deflected, so he was like: How can I be so wrong? What am I not getting? When she came clean, he was like: Thank you, now I know there's something. I think it was more relief than anything.

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Her telling the story and Brad finding out is really the tip of the iceberg with them. It's almost better to date someone who's divorced because they're negative. With Ricky there is no negative, and I don't want to sound crass, but you're battling a ghost. The same thing that haunts her in all her relationships is something that Brad and her are going to have to cross soon. If I'm Brad and I'm not 100 percent sure, do I do this to Emily again? Do I drag her along if I'm not really sure, only to break this girl's heart? Then on top of that it's on national television and do I want to be that guy. Brad and Ashley S had a wonderful date, but singers they are not.
The cruelest part is that they didn't even play the music track under them. Can you imagine not only singing, but singing a cappella? By the way we had no idea [the song had meaning for her and her dad]. What an amazing coincidence! Do you think Michelle is watching the show and realizing how crazy she sounds?
One of two things will happen. She'll either own it and say, "I watched the show and I didn't realize I was like that." Or she will stick to her guns and say, "I was edited, I'm not like that and some people just don't get it."

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I think she came into this a little superficial and not necessarily sincere. Then when she was slapped in the face with Emily's story, I think she started feeling really guilty about it. In hindsight, if she'd do it again I think she would come in with a completely different perspective, attitude and energy. She realized there are people there who need this and I think she needs it too, but she just realized it a little too late. Madison was doing what Brad did three years ago. She was protecting herself from something, I don't know what, and I think it's why Brad kept her around. Brad even said, "You are making the same mistakes I made and I really hope you'll allow yourself to get to know somebody in the future." Will we see you and him discussing the women at all before the rose ceremonies?
Harrison: Going over 30 women or even 20 women you're not vested enough to sit down and deliberate. Now that you get to know everybody, now it's time to start talking about them. You'll definitely see more where I start becoming the therapist. Brad and I have a friendship, so I feel like I get him to say things to me he doesn't tell other people; he's very revealing.

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