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With The Bachelor nearing its finale, the two most recent women to leave the series are expressing their regrets.

After being forced to choose between her job and Jake in the show's hometown date episode, Ali almost immediately questioned her decision to return home. The 25-year-old advertising account manager told that she "wasn't expecting Jake to say anything to make me stay" that night.

"He was the closest person to me there, so I was just hoping he would listen and help me work it out myself," Ali said.

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She later called Jake, hoping he would take her back. She said she was shocked when he told her to stay put. But then she "realized and understood his decision ... when I saw his dates with Gia, Tenley and Vienna and how special they were and the relationships he was building there. Now that I get to see that I understand, even though it might've been a little surprising at the time and hurtful. I was heartbroken."

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Ali isn't the only bachelorette with regrets — 26-year-old Gia wishes she could've expressed her feelings to Jake on her fantasy date in St. Lucia.

"I thought about it and I said it to everyone else but him," Gia said, adding: "I had a breakup and my heart was really broken and I guess I was just scared to come out and say it. I just kept holding off and hoping that I could just get it out and I didn't."

The Bachelor's "Women Tell All" episode airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.