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5 The Baby-sitters Club Stories That Would Be Perfect for the Netflix Reboot

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Amanda Bell

Attention all '90s kids!

We've been hearing talk of The Baby-Sitters Club returning to the small screen for quite a while now, but this time it's happening for real -- [in our very Stacey voice] for real for real.

Netflix announced that they'll be bringing the iconic tween caretakers Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Claudia Kishi, Stacey McGill and Dawn Schafer back together for a more "contemporary" live-action take on the classic Ann M. Martin novels. GLOW's Rachel Shukert will serve as the showrunner for the new adaptation, and Broad City's Lucia Aniello will direct and executive produce the 10-episode new series. Martin will also be on board to produce alongside Walden Media's Naia Cucukov.

Martin's The Baby-Sitters Club novels spawned a full-on pop culture phenomenon back in the '90s, with hundreds of books, a Disney Channel TV series and a 1995 movie based on the stories.

Chances are, with this new take being dubbed a "contemporary" take on the series, it won't have the same sunflowers-and-gel pens aesthetic as the '90s versions, but there were a few very important stories that would still fit right into today's social landscape.

Kristy struggling with whether to accept her mom's new man. In the very first book, Kristy's Great Idea, Kristy has to make a decision whether to trust the new man in her mother's life, after watching her father walk away and abandon her mom with her and three other children. It's her need for a sense of agency and control that inspires her to found the Club in the first place, and the new show shouldn't sugarcoat that realism at all.

Stacey taking her parents to task over their unrealistic treatment expectations. Stacey's struggle with diabetes was also an important element early on in the series with The Truth About Stacey, and it's just as relevant today, if not moreso. Her insistence that she have a say in how she was treated for the disease was pretty radical, and with all the anti-vaxxer business afoot right now, seems pretty prescient in retrospect.

The Baby-Sitters Club

Claudia looking out for the little ones. The BSC girls were always dealing with some kind of problem in the show, but some issues were easier to understand than others. Claudia, for one, dealt with a pretty big one when a pair of tots she was charged with seemed to be quite afraid of their father in Claudia and the Terrible Truth, and it was up to her to investigate what was really happening with them. This was no shampoo explosion and really showed how much the girls meant to the kiddos' lives.

Dawn's haunted house. Now, this story was just plain fun as Dawn got the heebeejeebees over all the noises in her house and found a secret passageway like we all wished would happen in our own homes. Not only did The Ghost at Dawn's Housegive the girls a chance to trade pop culture wares, but the story brought on a true sense of adventure that felt fun and would translate well on-screen.

Mary Anne's boy crush joining the club. Undoubtedly the shiest and most sheltered of the bunch, Mary Anne had to learn to break out of her shell a bit when a new cutie in town decided he wanted to join the Baby-Sitters as a backup inLogan Likes Mary Anne. In an era when gender norms are steadily being overridden, the sub-plot of Logan Bruno could certainly be re-upped for modern use.