Addressing the controversy ignited by (as she puts it) "two guys who wrote for some band from the 1970s I have never in my life heard of," Avril Lavigne posted a statement on her website claiming no wrongdoing in her and cowriter Luke Gottwald's penning of "Girlfriend." Positing that the Rubinoos' "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" "has no musical similarities" to her current hit, Lavigne deems herself falsely accused. "Luke and I have done nothing wrong," she says. "There is no merit to their claim."

To make her case, Lavigne cites the Rolling Stones' "Get Off of My Cloud" and the Ramones' own "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" as also featuring similar themes. "[The Plaintiffs'] claim is based on five words! All songs share similar lyrics and emotions. As humans we speak one language." (Bob Dylan excluded.)