Jack Donnelly Jack Donnelly

It's hard work being a savior.

Just ask Jason (Jack Donnelly), who will continue his adventures with his pals — the roly-poly Hercules and young Pythagoras (Mark Addy, Robert Emms) — when Atlantis returns for its second season on Saturday (9/8c, BBC America).

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When we last saw Jason, we discovered that the deposed evil queen Pasiphae ( Sarah Parish) — who spent all of Season 1 trying to kill him — is actually his mother. Awkward. Will she continue her homicidal ways? Only time will tell. Or perhaps there's another way to find out...In the exclusive clip below, Jason accepts a drink from the Oracle (

Juliet Stevenson), which allows him to see her visions. But what do the crazy, bloody images mean? Take a look:

How did you like your first look at the Argo? What are your predictions for Season 2? Are you glad Jason & Co. are back? Atlantis Season 2 premieres Saturday at 9/8c on BBC America, as part of the network's Supernatural Saturday lineup.