Liza Minnelli, listen up! Ashley Judd has discovered a way to keep her marriage to racecar driver Dario Franchitti private: She's refusing to talk about it!

While promoting her new thriller, High Crimes (opening Friday), the 33-year-old actress — who wed the speed demon last December in a super hush-hush ceremony — is giving the media precious few details about life in the Franchitti-Judd household. "I enjoy being married," she says. "We feel very blessed and we're having a great time."

Why all the mystery? "My husband and I have very public spheres in which we participate," Judd explains, "and we feel like we give a lot of ourselves in those areas — he obviously on the race track and me in the movies. And there are things outside of that that should be for us.

"We very much appreciate that people have helped respect our privacy," she adds. "People have been really good to us."

Well, not all people. Judd admits that there have been a few isolated incidents involving overzealous fans. "People coming up and knocking on the bus door on race weekend is not my favorite thing," she sighs. "That's where we live three days a week, 22 races a year. It's our home. It's not appropriate."