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Arrow: Emily Kinney Discusses Becoming Felicity's Nemesis

Find out what to expect with Brie and Felicity face off again

Sadie Gennis

Brie Larvin (Emily Kinney), aka the Bug-Eyed Bandit, is back this week on Arrow. And once again, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) will find herself going toe-to-toe with the evil tech genius, when Brie holds Felicity hostage in the hopes of getting the microchip implanted in her spine.

Find out everything to expect when the duo faces off again in our interview with Kinney below:

You first appeared on The Flash, so were you excited to get to be on Arrow this time?
Emily Kinney:
Yeah, definitely. I feel like I had such a nice time on Flash, and ever since then it was like, "Oh, how could Brie [come back]?" It was mostly just scheduling and timing and what works with the story, but it was definitely something where if they wanted to have me, I was excited to do it. And this episode is cool because in Flash, you only saw Brie behind the computer screens, and this time you really get to see her interact and have a lot of scenes with Felicity and Willa [Holland]. So it's really cool. You get to know her a little better this time around.

What new things might we learn about her?
You'll see how she's able to escape jail, so you'll learn how good she is with all the computer hacking. I think you'll also get insight into why it's so important for her to find Felicity. You get to see a little more of the human side of Brie because she explains more why she is the way she is. That's always interesting when you're dealing with evil characters. Like, why are they so mean?

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What is your favorite part of playing a villain like Brie?
It's different than other things I've gotten to do. Most of the shows I've worked on have been more serious - not that Arrow isn't a drama, as well. But they kind of live in a different world than, say, Walking Dead or Masters of Sex. So for me, as an actor, it's fun to put on cool, sexy costumes and be a little over the top and a little - I don't want to say cheesy. That's not the right word. But just a little bit more over the top and a little bit more fun. It's something different for me.

The Flashepisode you were in had a lot of humor in it. Are we going to see Brie in a bit more serious context this time?
You definitely do see a serious side of her. You start to understand what she's after when she gets out of jail and starts going after Felicity. You do see her interact and have a lot of scene work with Felicity, so you get to know her. So in that way, there is a lot of drama. I do feel, though, just Brie in general - the costumes and the glasses and stuff - has an element that is a little bit silly and fun. So there's more drama in this one, but it's still got that little bit off silliness to it too.

Does this mean we should expect a lot more bee puns?
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

In the promotional photos, we see a new character called Exoskeleton. What can you reveal about who that is?
Brie's upped her game a lot in this episode from just using the bees to cause havoc. She's able to get some help.


Emily Bett Rickards and Exoskeleton, Arrow

Dean Buscher/THE CW

Does Brie know that Felicity is the same person who got her imprisoned?
She doesn't know, but I think that's one of the coolest things about this episode. You'll see her figure it out and that's when there's really fun twists and turns in the episode.

How would you characterize Brie and Felicity's dynamic throughout the episode?
They're rivals in a way. They have this similar skill and they're well matched. So in this episode you just see them as well-matched rivals.

Would you be open to returning to this world more and becoming an ongoing nemesis for Felicity?
I don't see why not. I think it's really, really fun. And again, it's not like anything else I get to do normally. It's also just a great environment. All the actors on the show are really fun. The creators are super cool and nice. They write fun stuff. I would come back and work.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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