The identity of the person in the grave has been hanging over this season of Arrow, but it's also haunting for members of cast, who have been left just as much in the dark as the fans regarding the unknown victim. spoke to star David Ramsey about who he thinks is in the grave, who he thinks is safe and Wednesday's episode, which puts the spotlight on Diggle's tumultuous relationship with his brother Andy (Eugene Byrd) and their connection to the clandestine organization Shadowspire. Check out everything Ramsey revealed below.

Wednesday'sepisode is another big Diggle-centric hour. What's it been like for you getting to get to explore so much of Diggle's life outside of Team Arrow and his past?
David Ramsey:
It feels great. Diggle's married again for the second time, has a child, is probably the most evolved and adjusted character on the show. He has a uniform, so to speak. He's come in contact with his once thought dead brother. There's a rich, rich character that four seasons in that we can really sink our teeth into. We see that he can lead Team Arrow in the absence of Oliver (Stephen Amell). His wife is intimately involved in A.R.G.U.S. There's a lot of story to tell with this character.

How would you describe where Diggle and Andy's relationship stands before this episode and where it goes from there?
Ramsey: Going into the episode we see just one more example of how opposite these guys are. He's not the same person that he knew. He's not the person that he mourned. But this episode is the first time we really get to see the man he did love. When we met Diggle, he was mourning the death of his brother. That really affected his life. And we see no virtuous elements to this guy up to this point. But I think by the end of this episode we really do see the man Diggle loved. We really see a different side of Andy. And there's a ray of sunshine in terms of what he can offer, in terms of helping us take Damien Dahrk (Neil McDonough) down.

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Diggle obviously feels very conflicted toward Andy, but how would you say Andy feels towards Diggle?
Andy says very profoundly that he never took to the military the way Diggle did. He just wasn't wired, didn't have that circuitry. So there's always been a sense of "You're the good guy, I'm the bad guy," even when they were young. And we see some of that in the flashbacks. But there's a courageousness and a bravery and a heart that just seems to be in the nature of the Diggle family in general. We're going to see that in this episode: They both share the same heart at the core. They both are incredibly brave. They both are incredibly courageous. They both have a strong sense of right. It's just that Andy kind of went his own way... I think he regretted that, but as he went through life, Andy probably just accepted that they were different and this is just the way he'll be.

What do you think is the best case scenario for Diggle and Andy's relationship? Could they ever become as close as they once were and truly rebuild the trust between them?
Just knowing the characters in that universe, John isn't accepting or forgiving enough to accept Andy back in the fold. I don't think Andy is that person. I don't think Andy is far gone, but he's gone enough to the dark side that he accepts that that's who he is. For the most part, he's the bad seed and he's OK with that. The conflict in Oliver doesn't really exist in Andy, I don't think. The conflict that exists in Diggle with playing with shades of wrong, doesn't exist in Andy. Like Amanda Waller, Andy is OK if 30 percent of the hostages die in order to save the other seventy. And that's just the philosophy that he has.

We get to explore Diggle and Andy's past in the Army together. What can you say about that and how they were tied to Shadowspire?
We see some of that in this episode, how they got tied into Shadowspire. And we spend a good portion of time on that, but really this is about Shadowspire's involvement with Andy because of his involvement with H.I.V.E. and H.I.V.E.'s involvement with Damien Dahrk. And we get back to that pretty quickly because that's really where we want our focus to shift back to: how this all connects to Damien Dahrk, because he's ultimately the baddie. It's H.I.V.E. and Shadowspire but all of it is connected to this magical force that is connected to Damien Dahrk.

How long before Diggle and Oliver connect the dots between their shared encounters with Shadowspire and Baron?
I think there's still some story left to be told about that. I can't say how long it's going to take. I don't know the full arc of the season, but the dots will get connected. There's still a lot of story left to tell in terms of how that happens. What happens to Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards] is part of that, how that affects the team is part of that. So every single part of this affects our response to this mystical force that is Damien Dahrk, including Felicity's physical trial right now.

We know it's not Felicity, but who else do you think is the least likely to be in the grave?
I think we all have a bull's-eye on our backs, so to speak. It could be any of us. I've got to tell you, that really helps the morale on the show on set every day when we go to work. We're on our best behavior! The least likely I would guess would be Capt. Lance (Paul Blackthorne), only because of the reaction. To get our sweet Felicity to say to Oliver, "You know what you have to do. You've got to kill this son of a bitch." I was like wow! She's talking like Lyla, Amanda Waller or even Oliver. So to get her to say that would have to be a very, very meaningful death. And not to say that Lance wouldn't be meaningful, but it would have to mean something to the team. And Lance, even though he's been a great ally, I don't think she would be affected that way by Capt. Lance's death. So, it has to be someone closer to the team. And I hate to say it but, you know, I'm right there. I'm on the chopping block. So, we'll see.

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