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Arrested Development's David Cross Isn't So Sure About the Show's Future

The actor offered new details about the contentious Jessica Walter-Jeffrey Tambor on-set incident

Keisha Hatchett

That trainwreck New York Times interview with the cast of Arrested Development painted a clear picture of what filming Season 5 must have been like, and David Cross has provided even more alarming details. The actor hit up Jim Norton and Sam Roberts, hosts of SiriusXM's Jim & Sam Show, to discuss the chaotic behind-the-scenes atmosphere during production on the new season.

Showrunner and series writer Mitch Hurwitz previously admitted he barely showed up on set and that the cast staged an intervention when his lack of availability and constant late delivery on scripts became a real issue. Cross expanded on that, saying, "It wasn't an easy shoot." According Indiewire, the actor went on to state: "It was not cool, for an actor, it was a difficult time, because ford myriad reasons I won't go into, we'd get a script, they weren't done. You'd get something at night, it'd be f--king pages and pages of stuff and then it would change later on that night. And then you'd get in in the morning, and you'd have two and a half new pages of long stuff."

Arrested Development's Mitch Hurwitz Breaks His Silence on the Jessica Walter-Jeffrey Tambor Incident

Cross attributes those last minute changes, tight turnarounds, and the absence of Hurwitz as some of the factors that led to the aggressive confrontation first discussed in the now infamous NYT interview in which Jessica Walter tearfully accused Jeffrey Tambor of verbal abuse. Her male co-stars were heavily criticized for talking over the actress while excusing Tambour's behavior. Bateman received most of the backlash for referring to Tambor's alleged abuse as a component of Tambour's acting process and has since apologized. Cross also issued an apology following the heated interview.

"I definitely get the criticism, I truly do," he said. "One of the lessons I've learned is, nobody gives a shit about your context. Nobody. If there's a crying woman in the room -- or whoever, if there's somebody crying -- nobody cares about your 'well, buts.'"

Because of the negative response to the notorious interview, Cross said he isn't so sure Netflix won't cancel the series. "I wouldn't say that I was one hundred percent solid that they wouldn't [cancel the show]," he added, noting that numerous press events were canceled after that interview.

Netflix has yet to renew the series for Season 6.