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Ariana Grande's doughnut-licking shenanigans may come with serious consequences.

According to The Associated Press, police and public health officials are investigating the incident that's come to be known as Doughnutgate, in which Grande is seen on video licking doughnuts at a bakery and saying "I hate America."

A cashier at California's Wolfee Donuts who was working during Grande's visit on Saturday night described the pop sensation as "really rude," and said she didn't purchase any of the doughnuts after grazing them with her tongue.

Ariana Grande says she licked doughnuts because she hates childhood obesity

A spokeswoman for the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health told the AP that the agency is looking into why the doughnuts were left uncovered at the shop, which is a violation of California's food laws. The manager of the store reportedly told investigators that the employee left the tray out while she was getting a fresh batch of doughnuts from the back of the store, at Grande's request.

Deputy Michael Vasquez of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department told The Los Angeles Times that they won't be investigating Grande because they don't believe a crime was committed.

Grande has since apologized for her anti-America comments, saying in a statement that she made the comment as a reference to the high childhood obesity rates in the United States, but nonetheless is "EXTREMELY proud to be an American." She did not, however, apologize for licking the doughnuts.

The singer has also withdrawn from Saturday's MLB All-Star Concert, which she was scheduled to headline, citing discomfort after emergency oral surgery.

Watch Doughnutgate here: