Are you a hot-blooded male eager for The Apprentice's candy-bar peddling "M&M Sisters" to tour your town this spring? We recommend you just plop down your 65 cents at 7-Eleven instead. Because as 28-year-old Sandy Ferreira — who got fired last week with Kevin Allen — "plain"-ly tells TV Guide Online here, it's "nuts" that Jennifer M. made it to the final two with Kelly. Plus, the bridal salon owner lets loose with a whopper of a boardroom secret!

TV Guide Online: Ivana pegged Jennifer M. as a "fembot," while you once described her as "plastic... like a mannequin." Yet you must admit, "Barbie" was armed for bear in last week's boardroom.
Sandy Ferreira:
Well, let me give you a little insight: That final boardroom, once Kevin got fired, was

four hours long. Trump dismissed us — Kelly, Jen and myself — into the lobby area three times because he could not make a decision. Essentially, Carolyn and George were encouraging Trump to fire Jen and bring me into the final two. That was the first time that [viewers] never saw Mr. Trump ask George and Carolyn their opinion, because it wasn't convenient for the producers to show it. So when people are like, "Why didn't you defend yourself?"...I didn't think I had to. I was relying on my performance from the past 14 weeks to advance me, not a screaming match.

TVGO: When Kevin was fired, did you think you and Kelly were the final two?
I was like, "Oh, this is easy. I'm in the final two, no problem." But at the end of the day, I couldn't pull a degree out of thin air and that's what Mr. Trump wanted.

TVGO: You and other Apprentice babes posed for Maxim, but Jennifer M. didn't. Should that have been our first clue that she'd made it further?
No, no. All of the women had the opportunity — including Stacy R., Elizabeth, Ivana... A lot of people didn't pose. There's no correlation.

TVGO: Who conducted the toughest corporate interview during your final task?
They were all brutal. I got questions ranging from "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" to "Why is a manhole round?"TVGO: (Proudly) It's so the cover can't fall through the street.
(Chuckles) I think the interviews were all equally difficult, but I think that Alan Jope [COO of Unilever HPC] was quite tough on me.

TVGO: Did anyone grill you about listing Can't Buy Me Love amongst your all-time favorite films?
No. I don't think they had that much inside info on me. (Laughs)

TVGO: You and Jennifer M. really cleaned up as the M&M Sisters. But what was the crudest response you got when soliciting NYC construction-worker types?
(Adopting a gruff male voice) "I'll pay you two to watch you eat the candy bar!"

TVGO: Those guys can be so clever. So what was your reaction to Ivana's stripping to sell her candy bars? She claims what you did wasn't that different.
I felt a little vindicated because she was calling us strippers, and she ended up taking her clothes off. Initially, I was like, "Wow, I would never do that. It's taking the women's lib movement back a couple decades." But I respect her for being so competitive. She did it to win.

TVGO: Are you helping Ivana at all with her forthcoming wedding?
Yeah, we're working together to try to get her a fabulous gown.

TVGO: Andy told us that during the Pepsi Edge task, he really didn't drink as much pop as the editing made it seem. True or false?
That's a lie! (Laughs) He did! I wouldn't have said that if he didn't. It was so funny. The funny thing is we had a pantry full of Pepsi Edge in the suite and not one person touched it because we were scared — no one knew what it was!

TVGO: Share with us your most colorful "day in life of bridal salon owner" anecdote.
Having a man come in to try on wedding gowns, and not be on Candid Camera. He wore like a size 14, and had his chest hair coming through the lace. It was unbelievable!

TVGO: Regarding your fate on The Apprentice, I guess there is that saying in your biz: "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride."
This is how I feel: I would rather be in the final three — and be well-liked and have the support of the viewers and my fans — than be in the final two and have people criticize me for not deserving to be there. So I'm very happy. I would not want to be in the final two and be in Jen's position.

TVGO: Ouch. I'm sensing that, in your case, M&M's didn't make friends?
It's nothing personal. I didn't go on the show to make friends, but to win. I just feel that Jen did only enough to get by, to not be accountable for anything. You associate The Apprentice with very competitive, type A personalities, and when you shove somebody like her in there, you're like, "Where did you come from?!"