After 14 weeks of The Apprentice's boardroom dramatics, Trump, Carolyn and George have whittled down the 18 original candidates to the final three. Initially, they split the teams up by "street smarts" and "book smarts" in an attempt to test the importance of higher education. Two street-smart players — Tana and Craig — and bookish Kendra remain. Since the Donald can always use help from clever advisors, has analyzed the trio's qualifications so we can consult on who should be told "You're hired!"

R&#233sum&#233: Most recently employed as a realtor in Boynton Beach, Fla., the 26-year-old University of Florida graduate also has served as the editor-in-chief of a lifestyle magazine.
The interview process: She may be the youngest and only college-educated contestant left, but Kendra hasn't spent all her time with her nose in a book. The lady's ability to think creatively helped her lead Magna Corp. to victory in the charity auction task, the Pontiac promotion and the Hanes T-shirt challenge. After Kendra's Magna teammates deserted her during the Pontiac task, she pulled an all-nighter and turned in a brochure that the auto manufacturer actually planned to use in real life. In the Hanes challenge, she was forced to work with Craig — who clearly didn't respect her in a position of authority — and still came out a winner. Kendra's attitude proves that no matter what's thrown at her, she'll do whatever it takes to achieve her goals.
Our recommendation: If Kendra can hold her own against Tana in the boardroom, this tough cookie deserves the job.

R&#233sum&#233: An EMT and firefighter, the 37-year-old married father of four hails from Conley, Ga. In his spare time, he's developed a shoe-shine franchise and is a partner in a music business.
The interview process: Slow to take control of Net Worth, Craig was content to sit back and let others steer the ship for nine weeks before he volunteered for the project-manager position. He has won both his tasks, creating a successful do-it-yourself project for Home Depot and a clutter-clearing desk organizer for Staples. However, Craig's inability to communicate with his team left them feeling boxed in. Plus, the Staples idea was mostly Tana's. Craig's condescending toward his younger colleagues (for examples, see the mural task or any interactions with Kendra). He's disrespectful, bossy and argumentative and is better when following the leader. Even then, he's dead weight.
Our recommendation: If he can manage to articulate a complete thought in the boardroom... yeah, he's still not the right person for the job.

R&#233sum&#233: A 37-year-old married mother of two, she juggles a homemaker's life with her career as a top Mary Kay saleswoman. The Des Moines, Iowa, resident has also started several companies, including an Internet commerce business.
The interview process: As a Net Worth project manager, Tana sailed through the Airstream task by creating a mobile day spa, made us laugh with her use of urban lingo like "bling" during the charity auction and soared in the American Eagle task. But it was a clothes call for Tana when she lost last week's Hanes T contest and was nearly fired for spending an exorbitant amount of time hunting for beads. She's proven herself at presentations and in sales situations by thinking through the task. She's creative, big on doing market research and excellent under pressure — until exhaustion sets in and she loses focus.
Our recommendation: Tana works hard, argues well and has bedazzled her way to success, but her crafty ways may not fit into Trump's corporate culture.

The next episode of The Apprentice airs tomorrow at 9 pm/ET on NBC.