The Apprentice
What a day for the Donald! Not only was his son,

Barron William, born on Monday, he also got rid of Brent. One baby in, one baby out. He didn't even need a second boardroom meeting to get it done. Brent said he was "a nuclear weapon in the boardroom." More like a suicide bomber. 

The cereal-ad project began with the candidates meeting the Donald at the Trump Grill at Trump Tower. Which, I presume is down the Trump hallway from the Trump bathroom, just past the Trump foyer. Honestly, is there no building or building part this guy won't put his name on? I'm no psychiatrist, but I believe he has an edifice complex. There, the candidates learned they were creating a billboard for Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch, which I'm guessing has no funny-shaped marshmallows in it. Gold Rush went with a concept that seemed a little too simple at first blush but proved to be a cereal killer. Bryce almost gave up on his own idea, but Charmaine was smart enough to stick with it and guide the Gold Rushers to victory. Over at Synergy, their cluttered ad was too busy and unfocused. It was clear from the get-go that the male model for their ad just didn't look like a dad. And what was with Sean's presentation skills? It was like watching James Bond choke on his martini. He was shaken, and no one was stirred.

While Gold Rush dined with Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Brent was eating crow. He could have kept his mouth shut and probably slid through another week. Instead, Brent announced that Tammy "stunk" as project manager, and his fate was sealed. No doubt, he had to go. Terrell Owens never had this much trouble getting along with teammates. Now we'll get to see how Synergy does without their biggest problem... and their biggest excuse. Jon McDaid

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