The Apprentice's Chris Shelton

surprised everyone this season with his temper tantrums, tobacco chewing and that recent arrest

for disorderly conduct in Tampa. Most shocking of all was his boardroom breakdown in last Thursday's episode, when he cried after Trump fired him. Where did those tears come from? And why do his fellow Apprenti still seem to love him, despite his angry outbursts? Here, calls on the 22-year-old Sin City realtor for some answers. So you cried in the boardroom. Where has that sensitive side been hiding?
Chris Shelton:
Nobody got to see that very often.

TVG: No, we only saw Angry Chris.
Yeah, angry, angry, angry.

TVG: Do you have a tendency to cry in public?
The whole [Apprentice] thing is just so emotionally draining: going from day to day with sleep deprivation; not knowing what the next task is going to be; not knowing if you are going to win or lose or who is getting fired; and you have to go after each other in the boardroom, fighting with your friends. It was such an emotional release when I was told, "You are fired. It is over."

TVG: After appearing the boardroom seven straight times, were you surprised to go home?
Not necessarily. I had been in there so many times and, at this point, I knew I had to be the project manager and step up. If I was not successful on the task, I felt very confident that I was inevitably going to be fired.

TVG: During the pizza task, you and Alex were at each other's throats. The very next week, you were best friends. What's up with that?
We were always good friends. That was just a spat that was blown out of proportion. It was just a disagreement and it wasn't as big a deal as it was made to look like.

TVG: Are you surprised by any of the comments made about you, like how people were scared of you?
No. You know what? You get in there and everybody is there to win. There are people who are willing to kind of stab you in the back. I was prepared for that mentally. In reality, I'm friends with all of them.

TVG: As I've been interviewing people, some commented on your temper, but others just said you were a great kid. Who is the real Chris?
I am just a very passionate individual who is just very much about life. That passion [is] sometimes perceived as being angry.

TVG: Trump advised you to control your temper. Then we heard you were arrested for disorderly conduct. Doesn't sound like you listened.
It was not appropriate of me to be raising my voice. But there was a disagreement between myself and a manager at the [Hard Rock] hotel [in Tampa]. It escalated so quickly and was blown so far out of proportion, it was ridiculous. There was no reason for the arrest; there was really no reason for any of it. It was all uncalled for. I live in Vegas and I'm used to a lot of hospitality, especially when you are spending a significant amount of money in a hotel. They didn't really show that hospitality, and it was quite disappointing. That's what the conflict was.

TVG: Did they give you a hard time because they recognized you from The Apprentice?
I wouldn't want to go down that road and say that, but you never know. Maybe Hard Rock isn't getting enough publicity and this was a great opportunity for them. But let me tell you, they surely knew who I was. After I was arrested, I talked to a couple of friends. [They said that] when the [cops] threw me in the car, [the hotel staff] were all laughing, "Oh, it's the guy from The Apprentice. Ha, ha, ha."

TVG: Are you working on controlling your temper?
Absolutely. In life, I think we all have certain issues that we have to work on just to become better people. That is one of my issues that I have to keep in check.

TVG: Have you considered talking to a therapist?
No. I don't think that is even necessary. I just have to check myself on a daily basis.

TVG: Chewing tobacco was another thing The Donald told you to stay away from. How has that been going?
I quit for about three and a half months. Recently, I've kind of been on and off. Maybe about a week ago, I had a dip or two every now and then, but nothing like before. Presently, I'm not [chewing] at all.

TVG: Trump and Carolyn really had a soft spot for you. Think there's still a job prospect there?
I would love to work with him, not for him.

TVG: Are you hoping to get your own TV show out of this?
Noooooo! I'm not interested at all. I'm interested in what pays the bills every day and what got me on the show — that's my success in real estate. I don't want to be famous at all.

TVG: OK. Well, stay out of trouble.
[Laughs] I will try very hard.