The Apprentice "It's about to get crazy."

Randal, buddy, I think you're greatly overestimating your potential for on-screen drama as you and

Rebecca square off in the final task. But if by "crazy" you mean civilized and sportsmanlike, well, OK. I mean, come on, when the biggest wild card on your resurrected team is Toral, we can't really expect much in the way of stellar meltdowns. What about Clay? Or Markus? Or even that spunky little loudmouthed Kristi? Give us something to work with here it's reality television, for crying out loud! If Omarosa, Raj or heck, even Wendy Pepper doesn't show up soon, we may be in for a loooong finale, folks. As usual, the season's going to end with a pair of big charity events: Randal's leading Excel in a baseball fund-raiser for Outback Steakhouse and Autism Speaks, while Rebecca and Capital Edge are putting on a comedy benefit for Yahoo! and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. And that second one brings me to my favorite phrase in this entire Apprentice season: " with host Joe Piscopo." That's right, the one and only Piscopo's all set to emcee Rebecca's event, when wait! Oh, no! He has to drop out at the last minute! Shocking, really. Meanwhile, Randal's worst nightmare comes true with an ominous thunderbolt over the end credits. You heard the Outback exec: If it rains, he's blaming Randal. Now, I can kinda see the producers stepping in and taking Piscopo out of the equation just to up the stakes for part two, but I don't think even the colossal powers of Donald Trump and Mark Burnett combined can control the weather. (Yet.) To be continued