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The Anne of Green Gables Reboot Is Here to Save Thanksgiving

This will pair perfectly with all that tryptophan

Lily Sparks

If you're fearing a heated debate around the Thanksgiving table this year, PBS has your back with a special the whole family can enjoy no matter how they voted: Anne of Green Gables, starring Martin Sheen as Matthew Cuthbert and Ella Ballantine as the titular Anne Shirley.

Released originally in Canada this past February, Sheen's TV movie re-telling of L.M. Montgomery's beloved novel is far removed from currents events and issues; and that's just the way we like it this holiday season. Who needs to loudly proclaim, "I'm moving to Canada!" when you can just visit our neighbors to the north on TV?

And Anne as a character is experiencing a bit of a renaissance this year: Netflix and the CBC have teamed up to produce a Green Gables reboot titled simply Anne, which they are touting as a grittier, more hardcore version of the beloved L.M. Montgomery novel.

5 Things to Know About Netflix's Anne of Green Gables Reboot

Why the sudden renewed interest in the world's most famous Canadian redhead?

"Anne's a clear reflection of how we used to entertain ourselves and educate ourselves before cell phones, before television, before the internet. I think it's very important, particularly for young people today, to have a chance to visit the past in order to suggest a better possibility for the future," Sheen told Parade.

Yes, there's nothing like watching TV to help you entertain yourself without TV. Wait what?

"This is one of those great, classic stories out of Canada." Sheen continued.

Say no more, we're sold! There's no way Aunt Phyllis can work in a political rant about this one. You too can enjoy watching it in a blissful, cozy truce with the whole family on November 24 at 8/7c on PBS.