A three-judge appeals panel expressed doubts on Wednesday about burying Anna Nicole Smith in Texas, per the wishes of her estranged mother, Virgie Arthur, with two members saying that Smith's purchase of burial plots in the Bahamas indicates her desire to be laid to rest there. (Ya think?) Yet the panel also questioned how the advocate appointed by the court as Dannielynn's guardian - and thus the one in charge of Smith's funeral plans - could know what the 5-month-old would want for her mother. "You would need a crystal ball," the Associated Press quotes one judge as saying.

If the panel ultimately rules against Arthur, Smith's Bahamas funeral could happen as early as Friday, though Arthur's lawyer has said she would next appeal to the state supreme court. All together now: Let. It. Go.


" A Florida judge is expected to rule Wednesday on a request for DNA, to determine Dannielynn's paternity.

" Toxicology results determining cause of death - oh yeah, that - could take up to two more weeks.