A book being shopped to publishers this week finds Anna Nicole Smith - via a series of never-printed interviews she gave journalist Joyce Wagner back in 1996, at which point she was fresh out of rehab and bankrupt by an ex-nanny's harassment suit - chronicling a childhood of parental and sexual abuse, as well as her intimate encounters with husband J. Howard Marshall.

In a snippet played for the New York Daily News' Rush & Molloy, Smith recalls how when she returned from running away from home at age 12, mom Virgie Arthur "started beating the s--- out of me... kicking me with her boot," and in another instance "hit me with her [deputy sheriff's] nightstick." Smith also recounts sexual abuse, though Wagner isn't previewing any details on that.

As for her and J. Howard's sexcapades, Smith says, "He could not exactly satisfy me, which is to be expected, but he was very satisfied himself." (Well, duh.) "He satisfied me in other ways. He cared about me... never looked down at me."