Andy Samberg, Susan Boyle Andy Samberg, Susan Boyle

The toughest get in showbiz these days? Susan Boyle.

While MTV has secured such big-names as Denzel Washington, Kiefer Sutherland and, uh, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog for Sunday's Movie Awards, it failed in its quest to lock in the Britain's Got Talent singing sensation.

"Yeah, we tried. I wanted her here," host Andy Samberg tells E! Online. "But, you know, they've got a pretty strict contract over there."

Not to mention a finale to hold. Boyle, who's reportedly cracking under the pressure of the limelight, will sing for the Talent title on Saturday. And if Samberg sees the performance, he may be reduced to tears... again.

"I love Susan Boyle. I came home pretty intoxicated one night and discovered the 'I Dreamed a Dream' clip and watched it, like, seven times in a row and just bawled," the Saturday Night Live funnyman says. "Which I think is probably more indicative of the fact that I'm a little stressed-out and I'm not acknowledging it. ... But it was a joyful cry. It wasn't, like, upset. For some reason, the combination of her voice and that song and the super over-the-top editing of that show really, really struck a chord with me."

Don't worry, Andy, you'll meet her one day. Perhaps on SNL... in a follow-up to "Motherlover"?

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