Andrea Hough Andrea Hough

Week 13 was a rollercoaster for The Biggest Loser's Andrea Hough, who won a brand-new car during a challenge and then got voted off days later. When the 24-year-old only lost 3 pounds and became eligible for elimination, along with Sam, 23, she wasn't surprised her competitors chose to send her home.

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"I had an idea that I was going to be the one going home, not because of any hard feelings, but because Sam doesn't have a lot of weight to lose at this point. He's not a threat, but he's a huge encourager, so he's a good person to stick around when it comes to the game," Hough told

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The one surprise for the executive assistant from Michigan was why she didn't lose more weight her final week on the ranch. "I have no clue still to this day, but I do know that week I worked harder than I had any other week," Hough said. She then added that the minimal number was worth the "huge gains emotionally and mentally" that week.

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Back at home, Hough is down to 206 pounds from her starting weight of 298, but admits that "temptation sometimes is so overwhelming. Sometimes I just really want chicken wings and I know I can't have them so I try and substitute... but the temptation is definitely still there."