In one of his more inexplicable boardroom verdicts, Donald Trump fired Kevin Allen and Sandy Ferreira on last night's penultimate Apprentice, leaving 30-year-old Barbie girl Jennifer Massey (um, huh?) and 37-year-old military man Kelly Perdew to duke it out in next Thursday's three-hour finale. The decision to pink-slip well-credentialed Kevin instead of do-nothing Jen (um, huh?) is already raising some eyebrows, mostly because the former proved himself a formidable opponent while the latter sat around and brushed her hair. Over on Survivor: Vanuatu, Julie, the 23-year-old nudist from Maine, got the boot, setting the stage for Sunday's final showdown between Twila, Scout, Chris and Eliza. Got questions for Kev, Sandy or Jules? Send 'em my way ASAP.