What does it all mean? Having taken a few passes at NBC's brand-new two-minute trailer for Heroes' third season, here's my take on its array of fleeting images and sound bites. - Matt Mitovich

0:02 Angela tells a strapped-down Sylar, "You are indeed very special... and you need to be strong for what's to come."

Since when are these two chummy? Hmm. I've got an interesting perspective on that particular moment in this week's Mega Minute.

0:15 HRG to Claire-bear: "Since before you were even born, I was finding these people and locking them away so they couldn't hurt anybody."

That's what he was busy with in the late '80s? He couldn't have saved us from, like, Who's That Girl? or the Beach Boys' "Kokomo"?

0:21 Claire is trapped in a closet while Sylar looms outside

...and John Carpenter is paid no royalties.

0:24 It's Matt Parkman... stranded in the middle of some arid plain!

I totally know where this is going, having taken the TVGuide.com video crew on location with Heroes during TCA week. It's more interesting than this promo paints it to be.

0:28 A close-up of someone's eye snapping open

Wouldn't it be cool if the camera pulled away to show us it's Jack Shephard? But I suspect it's Angela, or someone else wearing eyeliner. (Sylar?)

0:31 Creepy NBC promo guy says, "Welcome to Level 5... a secret prison for the greatest threat to society."

I am digging the premise that there was a holding cell for specially abled baddies. That said, "the greatest threat to society" immediately makes me think of the popularity of The Hills.

0:43 "Where'd they go?" barks Peter. Answers Mom, plainly, "Escaped."

Angela doesn't seem too broken up about it either.

0:50 "Hello, Claire."

"And hello to you, Doctor Lecter."

0:56 "There are quantum leaps in science one dreams of being a part of."

It wouldn't be Heroes without Mohinder waxing scientifically.

1:01 Mo and Maya macking!

Waxing scientifically = aphrodisiac.

1:04 Hiro meets "the Speedster"

AKA "the Joker to his Batman," yada yada yada.... I've already read too much about this storyline.

1:13 Mohinder jabs syringe into his arm

What sort of powers are left for Nice Guy, Science Guy to develop? In that one shot (at 1:24), it looks like he's floating around a room Charlie Bucket and Grandpa-style.

1:23 It's Niki/Jessica/(Tracy?)... in lingerie!

But who's the old guy? Looks like the senator from X-Men.

1:36 A city explodes!

Gotta be one of them apocalyptic dreams, right? And how come the city is never some rural berg like Youngstown, Ohio?

1:41 Claire holds a gun on Peter

Otherwise known as the ending to Hayden and Milo's worst date ever. But seriously, what's up with brunette and badass Claire-bear? Did the cheer squad lose regionals? (And their contract with Clairol?)