Later this year, the sequel to the hit Netflix series Stranger Things will come to the streaming service — and if comedian Amy Schumer has her way, she'll be playing a very special, very terrifying role.

Buried in a press release announcing her upcoming stand-up special, which was taped at Denver, Colorado's Bellco Theater and will launch globally on Netflix Tuesday, March 7 was this little note:

"Very happy to be a part of the Netflix family for this special," said Schumer vis statement. "Maybe now they will look at my Stranger Things audition tape to play the demogorgon for Season 2."

The demogorgon, for those who somehow missed the first season of Stranger Things was a monster who lives in the alternate universe called the Upside Down. He (it?) terrorized the kids of Hawkins, Indiana in Season 1; and if an egg-like structure briefly shown in the finale is any indication, despite being "destroyed" by the heroic, psychically powered Eleven (Millie Bobby-Brown) will most likely be back in Season 2.

Schumer is, of course, joking... But that doesn't mean we aren't totally into the casting. The Inside Amy Schumer star is playing Barbie in an upcoming movie, so who's to say she can't push unexpected casting even further and become a vicious, screaming monster from another dimension?

Make it happen, Netflix.

Stranger Things second season will also launch on Netflix later this year.