Amy Poehler stopped by theTonight Show on Wednesday to play "Truth or Truth" with her former colleague Jimmy Fallon. Truth or Truth is like Truth or Dare, except truth is the only option. And either Amy and Jimmy are liars, or their truths are very weird.

For example, Amy Poehler's greatest fear is being mistaken for J.Lo, and then being asked to dance, and doing it better than J.Lo, and then J.Lo being angry. There's few things more terrifying than the wrath of J.Lo.

Or that Poehler's real voice is initially vaguely Russian, then turns into Sofia Vergara with a lisp.

Or that Jimmy Fallon keeps a Bon Jovi CD case in his pocket, but the CD inside the case is Green Day's Dookie (that one is demonstrably true).

See what other truths are revealed in the clip below: