Promos for Tuesday night's America's Got Talent - the last audition round before live episodes start next week - teased that someone really special was going to perform, someone who hard-to-impress judge Simon Cowell would describe as the most talented contestant the show had ever had. Someone who would inspire host Nick Cannon to break protocol and hit the automatically-advancing Golden Buzzer, something he's not allowed to do.

It turns out it was a tease, alright. A striptease. From a 90-year-old burlesque dancer named Dorothy Williams.

Miss Dorothy, who's from Hawaii, began dancing when she was 17, long before Hawaii was even a state. She impressed the judges not with her dance moves (her tassels wouldn't do what she wanted them to) but with her infectious enthusiasm. Nick Cannon said that Miss Dorothy told him backstage that she always wanted to be a star, and so Cannon made than happen by hitting the Golden Buzzer, causing confetti to rain down as she received a standing ovation.

What started as a "WTF" moment ended as an "Aww" moment, and it was great. We can't wait to see what Williams does next. Check out her audition in the video above.

Dorothy Williams, <em>America's Got Talent</em>Dorothy Williams, America's Got Talent