American Pie's John Cho doesn't mind the raunchiness of his WB buddy comedy, Off Centre — airing Sunday at 9 pm/ET — but admits that episodes about flatulence and STDs don't appeal to his parents. "Sometimes," he tells TV Guide Online, "I say, 'Mom, Dad, you might want to miss that one.'"

The L.A.-based actor and musician thanks exec producers — and Pie directors — Paul and Chris Weitz for casting him as lovable loser Chau opposite the gross-out comedy's Eddie Kaye Thomas and Sean Maguire. "I don't think I've ever met a person with that abundance of bad qualities," Cho says of his scene-stealing buffoon. "Chau has female encounters that are not entirely successful. But he does get women on occasion."

Cho — who immigrated to the U.S. from Seoul, Korea at age six — doesn't mind that Chau is a disaster with the ladies. "I'm really happy to be on [Off Centre] because his qualities don't have any connection to his race," he insists. "We've made sure that that's the case."

The Berkeley grad adds that "it's great to play the clown without having the race [issue] attached. Years ago, there were very insulting caricatures of Asian people... and now they're going in the opposite [direction] where you have people who don't have any faults. That's not fun to do as an actor — to play perfect people — because they're not actually people."