American Horror Story: Roanoke is getting down to the wire, which means big reveals (and bigger deaths) are on the way. But while we twiddle our thumbs waiting to see who the Final Girl will be, there's a bigger question weighing on our minds: Where is Taissa Farmiga and why hasn't she shown up yet?

Ryan Murphy confirmed that Farmiga would be returning to American Horror Story this season for the first time since 2014. And with only two episodes left in Roanoke, we know Farmiga's entrance is imminent; we just don't know who she'll be playing — although we do have a few guesses.

Check out our top three theories about Farmiga's super-secret Roanoke role below!

1. The real Scathach or Priscilla:
There have been theories all season that Farmiga might be playing the real-life of the Witch of the Woods Scathach or Priscilla, the ghost who tried to save Flora's life. This theory was partially debunked when we got a glimpse of the IRL Scathach (who is a far cry from Gaga's glamorous portrayal of the O.G. Supreme) a few weeks ago. Could it be Farmiga under all that makeup? Or might she be playing the possibly benevolent spirit Priscilla, who has only been glimpsed from afar since Roanoke broke the fourth wall and began showing the "real" ghosts?

To be honest, both options seem incredibly unlikely at this point, and yet we can't quite quit these theories. Farmiga hasn't appeared on American Horror Story since Coven, so there's an expectation that the actress will be playing an important role this season (hence the assumptions she might be playing the powerful Scathach or the mysterious Priscilla). But after all the over-hype surrounding Finn Wittrock's "most f---ed up character of all time," we probably shouldn't be holding our breath for the reality to live up to our expectations.

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2. A ghost-hunting documentarian: The preview for "Chapter 9" seemingly confirms Farmiga's role this season. That is, if a character having the same approximate hair length and coloring as Farmiga counts as undeniable evidence.

In the video, three individuals armed with GoPros lurk around the Shaker mansion during the Blood Moon, apparently making their own Blair Witch-style documentary about the Roanoke ghosts. The sole woman in the crew (whose face never appears in the trailer) has an undeniable resemblance to Farmiga. But we all know Ryan Murphy has no problem casting actors who look exactly alike, so it's possible — but not necessarily probable — that this is another case of seeing double.

3. The real Shelby: This theory is definitely the most confusing and convoluted of the bunch, which means it's right up Ryan Murphy's alley. Since the cast has hinted that fans still aren't fully aware of what they're actually watching, there's a chance that Return to Roanoke isn't the true found footage it's claiming to be. If that's the case and what we're currently watching is yet another reenactment, it's possible the finale will reveal the real Shelby and Matt, played by Farmiga and Jacob Artist, both of whom are confirmed for this season but have yet to appear.

This would definitely fit with Murphy's "hat on a hat on a hat on a hat" comment regarding this season, but it would also be a huge disappointment. When Roanoke broke the fourth wall in "Chapter 6," it was predictable, sure, but at least the twist took the show in a new direction. But if they did such a similar reveal a second time, it would just be repetitive. This is supposed to be American Horror Story: Roanoke, not American Horror Story: Inception after all.

Who do you think Farmiga is playing?

American Horror Story: Roanoke airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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