For four seasons, Evan Peters was the tortured love interest on American Horror Story. But Ryan Murphy broke the mold in Hotel by turning the doe-eyed actor into Mr. March, a fast-talking serial killer with a heart of coal.

Maybe it's all the years we've spent crushing on Peters already or maybe we just need therapy, but dammit if we aren't still in love with him in Hotel! Sure, Mr. March may be evil, but that doesn't mean he ain't fiiiiine. Here's why we just can't resist him:

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The way he hops when he stands

The way he dreams big

The way he knows the real you

The way he's such a gentleman

Even if he creepily smells your hair sometimes

The way he always takes care of you

The way he leaves people hanging

The way he can't conceal his excitement

The way he uses outdated lingo

The way he looks when he gets slapped

The way he looks right here

The way he doesn't understand technology

The way he's not afraid of commitment

The way he begs

The way he's so dramatic

And knows it!

The way he can't sit still

The way he'll give you a noogie, but then fix your hair because deep down, he's always looking out for you, so who cares if he's a serial killer?

American Horror Story: Hotel airs Wednesday at 10/9c on FX.