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VIDEO: The American Horror Story: Hotel Cast Shares Insane New Details About Their Characters

Find out who's evil, who's sleeping together and more!

Sadie Gennis

The months leading up to American Horror Story's premiere are almost as exciting as the show itself as viewers play detective, piecing together every bit of information about the new season. But rather than scour the Internet for clues, TVGuide.com went directly to the cast to find out exactly who they'll be playing and what sort of trouble they'll be causing in Hotel's halls.

This is who Lady Gaga is playing on American Horror Story: Hotel

Freak Show's breakout star and Emmy nominee Finn Wittrock returns for Hotel as Tristan Duffy, a male model and drug addict who catches the attention of Lady Gaga's character Elizabeth. But just because romance will play a major role in Wittrock's story line this year, that doesn't mean Tristan has a good heart. "He's always looking for a high and he does start to find that high in unusual places that might have to do with hurting other people," Wittrock teases.

Angela Bassett will play Ramona Royale, an over-the-top fabulous and successful actress who is "looking to improve her game," the star reveals. And though Ramona is ambitious, Bassett says she "won't sink to belittling herself or just doing anything for the part, which she's always asked to do."

Cheyenne Jackson will make his AHS debut as Will Drake, a fashion icon and father who moves from New York to Los Angeles' Hotel Cortez. "He's coming in and he's definitely kind of taking control of things, moving people out of their rooms and making room for his own fashion empire," says Jackson, who notes that his character's arrogant behavior definitely creates some enemies within the hotel.

Kathy Bates says Iris is a huge break from the more outlandish characters she's played in the past. And since Iris runs the hotel, you can bet your dollar that she's deeply involved in all the trouble that goes down there. Which means Sarah Paulson's character, Hypodermic Sally, should probably watch out. "She hates [Sally]," Bates says. "She's vile. She's trash, as far as Iris is concerned."

Denis O'Hare will show off a very different side of himself on Hotel as employee Elizabeth Taylor. While O'Hare isn't exactly playing the legend herself, based on the actor's description of the character, Liz is extremely committed to the persona. "She is Liz Taylor," O'Hare insists.

Matt Bomer plays Donovan, a resident of Hotel Cortez who is kicked to the curb by his lover Elizabeth (Gaga) after she meets Tristan (Wittrock). And in true AHS fashion, Bomer reveals Donovan has some serious mommy issues thanks to his complicated relationship with his mother, Iris (Bates).

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 10/9c on FX.