Ryan Murphy, you've done it again. You've made us seriously horrified and sickened in the best way possible — all without even showing us a second of actual footage from American Horror Story: Cult.

FX released a new poster for the anticipated seventh season that is making us both nauseous and giving us a terrible headache. In the image, a woman looks down while grasping at her own head, only the top half of her skull has been cut off, exposing a horrifically gooey nest of honey comb. This wouldn't be as upsetting if there weren't bees crawling all over her honeycomb brain.

While we admit the poster is objectively beautiful and well-made, it is honestly a little hard for us to handle. But if this artwork is any indication of the horrors Murphy has in store for us this season, Cult might just be the most terrifyingly amazing season of AHS in years.

American Horror Story: Cult premieres Tuesday, Sept. 5 at 10/9c on FX.