We still don't really, truly know what American Horror Story: Cult is going to be about, but we're getting closer, especially now that the main title sequence has been released.

Last year's season Roanoke didn't have a title sequence — it was a victim of the season's unique experimentation — but it's back this year, much to fans' delight. In the terrifying, minute-long opening credits, the iconic Horror Story theme song gets updated, with the recognizable tune being played by horns and snare drums to match the season's inspiration: the 2016 presidential election.

The twisted look at American politics can also been seen throughout the sequence in the bloody American flags and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks.

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Creator Ryan Murphy already revealed there won't be any literal Trump or Clinton characters, but that the season will detail the paranoia and consequences following Trump's victory in November. And based on these credits, the fallout will also include a dead dog, so many terrifying clowns, smoke bombs and bees, bees and more bees. Oh, and these horrific creepy crawlies.

A lot of this information isn't exactly breaking news (bees and clowns have been all over the previous teasers), but there is one major thing we can possibly glean from the footage. It had already been revealed that Sarah Paulson and Allison Pill's characters ran a restaurant, The Butchery on Main, and based on the credits — which appear to feature a butcher (albeit, one who is clearly not Paulson or Pill) covered in an excessive amount of blood — we think it's a safe bet to assume the duo aren't just serving animal meat. So now we can add cannibalism to the possible themes of Season 7.

American Horror Story: Cult premieres Tuesday, Sept. 5 at 10/9c on FX.