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7 Questions the American Horror Story: 1984 Finale Needs to Answer

From who will be the final girl to where the hell Richter is

Sadie Gennis

We've almost made it to the end of another season of American Horror Story. Next Wednesday's episode, "Final Girl," will be the last in 1984, which means we only have another 44 minutes to enjoy Xavier's (Cody Fern) great one-liners, Montana's (Billie Lourd) rockin' style, and the non-stop chatter about the size of Trevor's (Matthew Morrison) penis. Hopefully the episode will also provide all the answers we've been waiting for, because we have a ton of questions still!

These are the seven questions we're hoping the American Horror Story: 1984 finale answers.

1. Who is the final girl? There really aren't a lot of options left, given that most of the characters are already dead. It really comes down to Brooke (Emma Roberts), Donna (Angelica Ross), or Margaret (Leslie Grossman). Margaret being the sole survivor of the season would be the most messed up scenario, but Brooke feels too predictable! Personally, we're hoping the final girl is Donna, who could keep trying to do good in order to redeem herself after the destruction she caused. Although, it would be nice to see Emma Roberts manage to survive at least one season of American Horror Story.

​American Horror Story: 1984

2. Where the hell is Richter? After Richter (John Carroll Lynch) was dragged into the lake by the ghost of his brother Bobby, he awakened at an idyllic lakeside picnic with Bobby and their mother, Lavinia (Lily Rabe). Lavinia said Richter could finally find peace there and asked him to stay. But is this the afterlife? Did Richter somehow make it to heaven and get around the Camp Redwood rules? How? Why? What? Wherever Richter is, though, we doubt he'll be staying there for long. There's no way that he won't try to return to Camp Redwood to stop Richard Ramirez (Zach Villa) and save his son's life.

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3. What happened to Baby Bobby? You can't introduce the abandoned infant son of a serial killer and not reveal who he grew up to be! Particularly in light of Donna's struggles with whether her father's evil was passed down to her, we need to see if Bobby broke the cycle of killing and grew into a stand-up guy or if he has that darkness in him too. With Finn Wittrock appearing in the finale playing an undisclosed role, we think there's a good chance he'll be playing a grown-up version of Bobby (get ready for another time jump!) who journeys to Camp Redwood to seek answers about his family's dark past.

​American Horror Story: 1984

4. If the ghosts and the deadly trio all want to cause another massacre, are they still enemies? Montana wants to kill everyone at the festival to draw the attention of paranormal experts. Margaret wants to kill all the musicians (excluding Billy Idol, of course) at the festival to draw the attention of macabre tourists. If they all want to kill people to draw attention, couldn't they just work together? That's what we'd call a win-win! But in order for that to work, the ghosts, Margaret, Bruce (Dylan McDermott), and Ramirez would have to push aside their personal differences (aka the fact that they've all either killed or tried to kill each other), and we don't know if we can see that happening.

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5. How does Brooke feel about losing her virginity to a ghost? We really just glossed right over this plot development, didn't we? So let's just repeat it here: Brooke lost her virginity to a ghost! And other than her brief freakout after the fact, she has not mentioned this since! Sure, being imprisoned on death row for five years probably gave her plenty of other things to mull over, but also SHE LOST HER VIRGINITY TO A GHOST! Hopefully if she bumps into Ray (DeRon Horton) in the finale the two can chat about it, because I need to know her thoughts.

​American Horror Story: 1984

6. Will the ghosts be freed? All it took for Moira (Frances Conroy) to be freed from the Murder House was to have her remains moved to another location. However, the bodies of several of the Camp Redwood ghosts aren't actually buried on the campgrounds, so clearly it will take something else for them to be able to move on -- if they move on at all. Murder House, Hotel, and Roanoke all ended with the ghosts remaining trapped, so we're not sure if we can expect Montana, Xavier, and the rest of the crew to get their happy ending.

7. Can we see Chef Bertie again? She was great! Bring her back! That is all.

American Horror Story: 1984 airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.