Amber Brkich, the 22-year-old recent college grad whose claim to fame is that she befriended bad girl Jerri, was the latest contestant voted out of

Survivor: The Australian Outback last night. The frustratingly pleasant Pennsylvania native maintained her delightfulness on CBS's Early Show this morning, insisting that all of her fellow Outbackers were "nice." (The game is over, sweetness!) She did acknowledge, however, that she "needed to be a little more conniving." But when the goody-two-shoes was asked if she'd strip for Playboy, she shocked host Bryant Gumbel with this response: "I'd think about it." Meanwhile, turns out that Brkich and her tribemates don't actually know who won the $1 million grand prize. Unlike the first Survivor, this time around the votes cast during the final Tribal Council were sealed and kept under lock and key. The ballots will be tallied and the winner announced live during a two-hour CBS special on May 3. And once again, a one-hour reunion show hosted by Gumbel will follow the two-hour finale. (Will Kimmi and Alicia be seated next to one another?)