The Amazing Race
Tonight's episode was brought to you by Acme Climbing Ropes. Why else would they be rappelling down a building and climbing up a waterfall in the same day? Also, what's up with these mornings when everyone is assigned different start times but then the place doesn't open until after everyone gets there? It's a cheap way to squeeze some suspense out of another cab ride. I'm glad they got out of São Paolo early on. Last week's helicopter ride was pretty, but it sure doesn't have much else in the way of telegenic tourist attractions.

I'm guessing that the partnership of Eric and Jeremy and BJ and Tyler will last as long as they stay at the front of the pack, but the minute they're in jeopardy, it's history. Eric and Jeremy's pursuit of the Double Ds is still pretty fruitless. I'm pretty sure that Danielle and Dani were within earshot of Eric's aside to the camera that he and his buddy were trying to get into the girls' pants.

Someone complained that I didn't give Ray a dubious honor last week. Well, he still hasn't done much in the race, but I will say he's the hottest guy in it. Good thing, too, since I hear Phil has openly drooled over Yolanda's legs. I was about to label Fran and Barry as the team with the worst Detour judgment when they decided to climb instead of press, but despite a slow start, they powered up that waterfall. Would that broken-down VW bug have fared better on handmade ethanol? By the way, BJ and Tyler won my heart again playing Punch Buggy. So did Dave and Lori, who solidified their cute nerd status with Dave's proclamation: "The spirit of Mr. Wizard is with us." Lake renewed my loathing for him (it had hardly waned since we last saw him) when he ordered his wife to ask for directions because he was "over and done with Spanish." MoJo lying low in third place and still not doing anything worth writing about. Wanda and Desiree's pessimism is funny, just as long as they don't do it every week. And finally, goodbye to frustrated Glamazon sisters Lisa and Joni. It looks like they could use that nice elimination vacation.