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After going out of Season 14 of The Amazing Race thanks to a U-Turn (by Margie and Luke), Amanda Blackledge and Kris Klicka, 27, met the same fate on Unfinished Business, becoming the first team to get eliminated after incurring an automatic U-Turn and falling behind on the second half of a double leg in Australia. "I wouldn't say it's harder to swallow because it's our own fault," Amanda, 25, tells "It's not like it's easier blaming other people. Yeah, Margie and Luke U-Turned us last time, but I don't think it's anyone's fault when you're eliminated — last time or this time." Find out how far behind the couple was, why it took them so long to get to Town Hall, and if they'd run the Race again.

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How far behind Ron and Christina were you?
We heard from a couple teams after the fact that it was about five minutes.

Where do you think you went wrong? Was it trying to get back to Sydney or were you screwed from the automatic U-Turn?
It was kind of one giant ball of craziness. We came in second place [in the first half of the leg] and go the "To Sail to Stop" clue. We tried to find it on the Internet and it didn't pop up, so we got lost for a while.
Amanda: I definitely think if we caught that first flight, we wouldn't have been eliminated because we were only five minutes behind Ron and Christina. I think not catching that first flight hurt us along with not getting the Express Pass.

What happened when you tried to get back to Sydney?
Our first instinct was to ask people and to look it up online, which we did. But we were looking it up on people's iPhones, and when you Googled it, after a few pages it wasn't coming up, so we thought, if you couldn't look it up, then it's not a proper noun, so it's a riddle. But as it turns out, it was actually on the sixth page or something when you Googled it on a phone. You had to keep scrolling.
Kris: All the teams took awhile to get there. Everyone struggled with it. It was just a matter of getting to that second Google page first on a computer. "Oh my God, it's an anchor by Town Hall!" We weren't at an actual computer; we were talking to people with iPhones.

How much time did you lose doing that?
It took us about three hours to get there probably. We went to a variety of places. One person told us they thought it was the opera house because a lot of people in Sydney refer to it as the sails because the opera house is in the shape of sails. We went all over Sydney. ... We were definitely bummed finding out we were on the second flight. We knew that since there wasn't a Detour yet that it was coming up.
Kris: But [the second Detour] only took a few minutes. Our thought process was we saw all the other teams doing the mosaic so we figured we'll do that one because we can look at what they're doing and then go to the other task.

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So you don't blame the U-Turn for your elimination?
No, I mean, yeah, we had to do that extra task, but we wouldn't have been eliminated if we didn't have to do that.
Kris: It was our own fault for screwing up on the Qantas challenge. It was our own actions that caused us to be eliminated.

Did you run into any navigation trouble when you were in the kangaroo suits?
No. It was pretty easy. This was a tiny, tiny town, so they knew what was going on and you asked and they were like, "Oh yeah, they went this way. This is where we told them to go."
Amanda: We knew we were last. When we got to the locker room to change into our kangaroo suits, there were no more costumes left. But we definitely still had hope because the clue said you had to have all the pieces of your costume when you checked in. As we were running, we knew how easy it was for things to fall off. We were hoping that maybe a team lost a piece of their costume. We didn't know that Margie did lose a piece of her costume until we watched it last night. Too bad somebody handed it to her!

Would you come back for a third Race?
If the opportunity presented itself, we would for sure. This is one of those things we could never, ever pass up. No more U-Turns!

Congratulations on your engagement. Do you have any wedding plans?
Thank you!
Amanda: We got the call for the Race a couple weeks after Kris proposed, so we put that on hold because it was a little stressful with both. With the Race and everything, we decided 2012 is much better. What's the rush anyway? That's what we're shooting for.