What, no Jonathan and Victoria? Nope. CBS has announced the competitors for its all-star edition of The Amazing Race, and the nastiest piece of work in reality-TV history and his wife/emotional punching bag aren't among them. Ah, well - guess this means we'll just have to root against perpetual villains/reality whores Boston Rob Mariano and his missus, Amber.

Among the other globe-trotting teams: frat boys Kevin O'Connor and Drew Feinberg; Season 7 winners/saints Uchenna and Joyce Agu; open-hearted coal miner David Conley and his wife, Mary; little person Charla Baklayan and her cousin, Mirna Hindoyan; and AARP poster kids Teri and Ian Pollack. The season kicks off on Feb. 18. On your marks, get set... call me when they're down to the final three teams.

Tuesday's Today's News column was written by Ben Katner