It's amazing what one angry Asian woman can do with a cell phone. While sitting in the NTAC center waiting for her checkup, she let loose some type of weird, high-pitched sound that drove the guys in the NTAC into fits of violent rage, rather like a dog whistle for pigs (as in the phrase "Men are"). Her motivation was the murder of Jordan Collier, which I'm guessing she thinks NTAC hasn't done enough to solve (maybe he slept with her, too). In any event, Tom was forced to put the NTAC facility on lockdown after one of the adrenaline-fueled agents shot Nina Jarvis in the shoulder for saying something offensive. I think it was "Calm down." Personally, I hate it when someone tells me to calm down when I'm in a rage, so I could see where the dude was coming from even if I can't condone pulling the trigger. While NTAC wrestled with its internal crisis, certain 4400s were entering into one that was making their skin itch as well as crawl. Shawn developed a rash and a fever after he was unable to cure a blind woman. Not only was Maia in the grip of the same grippe, she was trapped with her mom's psycho male coworkers in the lockdown. I missed how Diana infiltrated the premises I know she got in touch with an increasingly spazzed-out Marco, but nothing after that. No matter. Diana's gun-on-gun face-off with Tom was one of those standoffs that you knew would be resolved without anybody getting killed, but you couldn't figure out how. Enter Dr. Max Hudson, who attacked Tom only to be placed in a killer chokehold until Diana pistol-whipped Baldwin upside the bean. By then Max was hyped up too, and Diana had her gun ready and waiting in his face in case she had to fulfill her promise of blowing his brains out. As it stood, three NTAC agents and two NSA operatives were killed in what Tom called a "terrorist attack." "Payback's a bitch," texted the perp. So are you, lady.