You might think it laughable that the randy roomies of Fox's hook-up-or-ship-out shagfest Paradise Hotel wail whenever a hottie's eliminated. However, saucy ringmaster Amanda Byram extends great empathy to passion's playthings. "If I was just watching at home, I'd be saying, 'For God's sake! You've only known each other for a couple of weeks!'" the Irishwoman admits to TV Guide Online. "But I'm in that house every day. I've actually been in the toilet when Toni threw up because she couldn't handle choosing [between two bunkmates].

"The [cohabitants] spend so much time with each other that it's almost like sensory deprivation," she adds. "I'm even getting so close to the crew that I haven't phoned my parents in weeks! They're calling me, going, 'Where the hell are you?' I'm like, 'Sorry. I'm getting along so well with the crew, they're my new family.'"

Although the onetime host of England's The Big Breakfast morning show understands the situation in which Hotel guests find themselves, she has no desire to doff her clothes and check into the bedroom bedlam. "This is the first time I've been single in five years," she reveals, "and it's really nice. I used to say I can look at the menu, but I have to eat at home. Now I can look at the menu and eat whatever I want!"

Despite her apparent immunity to the charms of baby-faced Alex and hulking sweetheart Beau, the former model hints that she may yet get nibbled in Paradise by more than mosquitoes. "Well, there are lots of very nice locals around here," she teases, then adds cheekily, "and you know, I did say I get along very well with the crew!"

(Fox airs Paradise Hotel on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET. And Lord have mercy, we never miss a minute.)