Ever since Ally Sheedy shrugged off the onus of the Brat Pack, she has taken one creative leap after another, playing everything from a drug-addled lesbian in the sleeper High Art to a transsexual rocker in Off-Broadway's Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Yet the Reagan-era teen queen may never have undertaken a role quite so alien to her as that of the 1960s housewife she plays in Just a Dream, the upcoming Showtime movie that marks Danny Glover's directorial debut.

"It was different," the edgy actress admits to TV Guide Online. "I had to rein myself in and put on a wig. But it was Danny Glover, so I would've been a dog and barked.

"[On the set], he just watches you and gives you all this positive feedback," she adds. "I was in love with him from the first day. He kind of spoiled me."

The 39-year-old Breakfast Club co-star keeps up her tradition of risk-taking on her next project, Shelter Island, with English pop tart Patsy Kensit. "It's a psycho thriller," explains Sheedy. "I play a golf pro."

Big whoop, you say. Where's the challenge in that? Well, Sheedy can't tell a nine iron from Nine Inch Nails. So before she hits her first mark, she's hitting the links. "I'm taking golf lessons, and Patsy is doing it with me," she says hopefully. "Let's see how it works out."

Despite the extra time that she is spending preparing for Shelter Island, the shoot still promises to exhaust her less than filling John Cameron Mitchell's Hedwig hair pieces. "That," she muses, "was the biggest challenge of my life."