Am I allowed to quote other magazine's quotes about The Comeback? I hope so. I've been reading some really great stuff in the last few weeks. People recently wrote a "love note for TV's most misunderstood show" and called it a "brilliant high-wire act" and "acid Hollywood satire  I hope it comes back." Entertainment Weekly wrote: "Love it or hate it, the HBO comedy (in fact, a tragedy) features Lisa Kudrow giving one of the best performances of the year." After reading all of this, I pictured Michael Jackson coming toward me singing "You Are Not Alone." And I'm so glad I'm not alone. I keep running into more and more people who love it and say the catchphrase. I just told a fellow fan that sometimes I think I am Valerie Cherish. Like when I'm at the gym and that same out-of-shape man walks around the locker room completely naked, I become Valerie and think to myself "I don't need to see that!" But I'm glad I did see tonight's very satisfying season or series  finale. It said a lot about how reality shows get edited so that there's more drama. The whole viewing-party scenario, with Valerie being humiliated in front of the cast, crew and her family, was disturbingly hilarious. "Reality TV is humiliation TV" said a crazed Valerie. Other highlights:
- Valerie's anti-Paulie G speech was awesome and way overdue.
- Shut up that Mickey, the most effeminate character on TV, finally came out, repeatedly introducing "my lover Robert."
- Gigi going on the Zone diet and then gorging at the chocolate fountain.
- Valerie calling Jane "Spider Eyes" and driving to her home with, of course, the camera crew.
- The brilliant use of the song "Cherish" by the Association during the end credits.

Valerie's appearance on Jay Leno was indeed classic (the episode was entitled "Valerie Does Another Classic Leno"). Her going from wanting to quit the show to being overjoyed that her show was picked up for a second season after only one episode just killed me. Let's hope HBO doesn't kill the show and allows The Comeback to come back.