Aimee Wright, <EM>America's Next Top Model</EM> Aimee Wright, America's Next Top Model

It happens every cycle. An innocent girl signs up for America's Next Top Model as if she's never seen the show and has no idea she'll be asked to pose in the buff, much less share a bathroom with a dozen catty girls. This go-round, that naïf was 18-year-old Aimee Wright. Or was it? Turns out the former Mormon from Washington isn't as clueless as she may have seemed. Read on and decide for yourself as she reveals how far she was willing to go to win the title. How shocked were you to be eliminated?
Aimee Wright: I was definitely surprised. I didn't think my picture was bad enough to get me eliminated! Possibly the bottom two, but I didn't think I was going home! Do you think they gave you the R&B photo to really challenge the white Mormon girl?
Aimee: [Laughs] I'm not Mormon anymore! I think it was sort of a challenge. Like with Lauren — they gave her pop, and that was totally out of her music genre, too. Did you immediately buy six Mary J. Blige albums and say, "Oh, so that's what I should have done"?
Aimee: [Laughs] I wish that I'd had the music to listen to at the time to give me that inspiration. I felt kind of dumb, because at the school I went to last year, R&B was one of the most popular music genres. I was around it all the time. I just couldn't connect, I guess. You didn't want to be naked in front of the girls, but you had to know that you'd have to do the annual nude shoot.
Aimee: I'm comfortable [being nude] as a model. But it is a reality TV show — that part made me a little bit uncomfortable. I look at it differently. On the show it's, "Here I am to show off my body." With modeling it's, "Here I am to sell a product." I see it as a form of art. What's with you and Claire fussing over the bathroom?
Aimee: I made it clear from the very beginning that I wanted to take a shower without people walking in and out of the room. I'm a pretty private and modest person, so it was an uncomfortable situation for me. Is Claire maybe not as nice as she at first seemed?
She is a really awesome person, and I'm glad I got to know her. But I think she tends to be a bit more controversial than you think she is when you first meet her. Is there a part of you that's relieved to be out of the house?
Oh, yeah. It was very, very stressful, and I was actually losing sleep over what the challenges might be or what the judges were going to say. I was tossing and turning in bed forever! What was it like being in the middle of the catfights in the house? It just seemed like pandemonium!
Aimee: There are always going to be tiffs when you have girls coming together from all over the country and from so many different upbringings. It's easy to get into arguments. I tried to stay out of the drama and the controversy. You got yelled at by Marvita! That has to be sort of life-changing.
Aimee: It's kind of scary! She's a really intimidating person. When I first met her, I remember being kind of scared because of the way she was portrayed [on Cycle 9]. But we patched everything up and things are fine between us now. Which shoot was tougher: being covered in beef or being covered in paint?
I loved the paint photo shoot; it was my favorite. [The meat shoot] wasn't quite as gross for me because I had it on top. You're in a meat locker, so you can kind of smell the meat, but it wasn't bad. It was freezing cold, but once you got over the fact that you had meat on your body, you were fine. Unless you're a vegetarian.
Aimee: I'm not. [Laughs] I love steak!

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