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Agent Carter Bosses Discuss the Meaning Behind That Shocking Cameo and The Series' Future

Will there be a Season 2?

Sadie Gennis

It wouldn't be a Marvel ending without at least one surprising face popping back up. Agent Carter's first season finale included one such cameo, even further tying the ABC series into the Marvel cinematic universe. TVGuide.com spoke to executive producers Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters about the big twist and their hopes for a potential Season 2.

[WARNING: The following contains spoilers from the season finale of Agent Carter.]

Dottie survived! Is she being set-up to become Peggy's (Hayley Atwell) ongoing nemesis? Fazekas: I would say she's certainly fun to revisit in the future. If we have a second season, it's probably not the last you'll see of her. I love Bridget Regan. I love that character. So yeah, I guess maybe "ongoing nemesis" may be a bridge too far for me to commit to that, but I would love it if we would see her again.

How will the events of the finale change the way the SSR views and treats Peggy?
We don't want to keep hitting the same note. And so one thing I love about where we end up in the finale is you definitely feel like the men of the SSR are going to be treating her with more respect. But at the same time, it is the time period that we're in, so it's kind of finding that right balance. She's not going to be getting everyone's lunch orders anymore.
Fazekas: The last shot of her walking into SSR coming off the elevator deliberately mirrors the shot of her coming into the SSR in the pilot, but it's so different and they actually applaud her.

Peggy decides to pour Steve's blood into the river. Why was she finally able to get that closure?
She's now come to a place where she knows, "I have to let Steve go and I have to let the past go in order to move on with my life." And she says that to Howard, but she's really saying that to herself. So I think that's why she's not only able to say goodbye physically to Steve and pour it out, but also why, when Thompson totally screws her over and takes credit for everything, it doesn't affect her like it used to. She's like, "I don't need that guy's approval or respect. I know what I can do." So that's a big emotional step for her. And even the little smile she gives Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) when he asks her out at the end and she says,"I can't. Maybe some other time." But you get the sense that she's actually kind of open to this now. Maybe it will be Sousa, maybe it won't be. I think before it was like, "That will never happen; I will never love anybody else." Maybe she can actually have a life beyond work.

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Angie and Peggy move in together in the finale. So if the show is renewed, does that mean we'll see Angie drawn more into the spy fray more?
Not necessarily. I think in the second season, again, we're sort of wide open. It may not be in New York in the second season. I kind of want to see Angie brought into the spy world, just from a personal perspective ... And I think a lot of people have brought Lyndsy Fonseca's past roles into this role. But for me, Angie -- that's not work. You've got work and you've got not-work. And Angie is not-work.
Fazekas: This doesn't mean there's a way to utilize her in a story ... Or use [Angie's] acting skills to help them out once in a while. Especially because she now essentially knows about everything. The nice thing is she's a person that Peggy doesn't have to keep secrets from.

What can you reveal about the meaning behind the Dr. Zola cameo?
The intent of that was that Faustus is connected to the Winter Soldier program. His research and his work in this, as Zola calls it "matters of the mind," now has a direct connection to the Winter Soldier program.

Is Dr. Zola going to be a main villain in Season 2?
No. I would not say that. No.

How hopeful are you about a renewal?
The last four weeks we've been inching up the ratings. I feel like this is a show that we have so many more stories to tell.
Fazekas: I think the critical response has been really nice and flattering and I think that means something. And I think people like the show. It's been such a lovely work experience that I really hope it does come back. I would love to play more with these characters. There's a lot more to do with them.

What did you think of the finale? Do you hope Agent Carter gets renewed?

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