Adele, <em>The Ellen DeGeneres Show</em> Adele, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Adele went on Ellen Wednesday to talk about her issue-plagued performance at Monday's Grammy Awardsand said that she was very emotional the day after - understandably so, both because she was embarassed and because she's Adele. Being emotional is her thing.

"I cried pretty much all day yesterday," she told Ellen DeGeneres.

"In fairness, I would have cried if it went really well," she added, explaining, "I always cry."

What happened during Adele's Grammys performance?

Adele reiterated that the sound problems were the result of a microphone falling onto piano strings and said she got a burger afterwards to make herself feel better. But she's over it now. Everyone still loves her (not that she cares), and now that she made it through her Grammys performance, she can get through anything.

"I don't feel like it could go that much worse than the Grammys," she told Ellen. "I feel like I'm alright now."

Watch the clip:

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