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Adam Pally Would Love a Happy Endings Reunion, Just Like You

Can wishing make it so?

Lily Sparks

Since Happy Endings abruptly ended after the Season 3 finale in 2013, smitten fans of the ABC comedy have yearned to know what happened to the crew of 20-somethings who brought Friends-like platonic banter back to TV and breathlessly hoped Netflix or some other streaming fairy godmother might possibly breathe new life into the beloved series.

Well, the cast shares that nostalgia, according to Adam Pally, who addressed the hopeful speculation that a revival could be in the works while plugging his new show Making History at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour.

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"There are tons of talks of filming a reunion and revival for Happy Endings," Pally said. "Most of those talks take place between 16-year-old Filipino girls in chatrooms, not by anyone with any money that could actually ever do it."

"But I'll say the same thing I always say, which is I think the way everybody in the cast feels, which is we love each other and we're kind of all best friends. those are my friends. So if there was an opportunity to do it I think we would all jump at it," Pally said, wryly adding, "But no one else liked it."

Oh man. Does this mean the cast still hangs out together and cracks jokes together? Could y'all just film that and post it on your Snapchat until we sort out the funding?

Making History premieres on Fox on March 5. Happy Endings is currently available to stream on Hulu.