The Nine by Michael Yarish/ABC The Nine by Michael Yarish/ABC

This Wednesday and next, ABC's underappreciated Traveler presents its final two episodes - and, yes, we do mean final, as series creator David DiGilio details in his celebrity blog update. "We have sadly reached the point where our show is most likely not coming back," he writes. "ABC has officially let our cast contracts lapse." Read more about it here. Excellent blog entry.

In keeping with that "Circle of Life" thing I hear about in my kids' Lion King DVD, shortly after Traveler hits the road, ABC is bringing back the also-underappreciated The Nine for, one would hope, all six of its unaired episodes, starting Aug. 1 at 10 pm/ET. Alas, fans should not count on finding out exactly "What happened in there" as Episode 13 was not designed to deliver 100 percent closure. My standing theory? Someone stole one of those chained bank pens, and things got very ugly.