To say Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris) is a master of disguise on A Series of Unfortunate Events is somehow both a serious understatement and overstatement. Like, it's always obviously him in a wig and a costume, but what elaborate costumes they are!

When asked to pick a favorite though, Harris had an impossible time narrowing it down. "Olaf had so many disguises in Season 1," the actor recalls. "It was an embarrassment of riches... Gosh, I don't know, they were all so different and all so challenging in their own way."

Ultimately, Harris was able to name a few disguises that held a special place in his heart. Stefano ranked high on the list because of his silly voice, and Shirley also was a personal favorite because drag is a always "a hoot," according to Harris. Though the star did admit that going to the bathroom in a skirt and Spanx was more challenging than expected.

As far as future disguises go, Harris previewed a slew of new aliases for Olaf this year. We'll meet Genghis, a motivational speaker; an auctioneer named Gunter; a horrible surgeon, hilariously named Doctor Medicalschool; and a Detective Dupont, who scats a lot. That one alone might be reason enough to binge-watch Season 2 this weekend.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2 arrives on Netflix on Friday, March 30.

Reporting by Liam Mathews