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Just what 50 Cent needed: Another lawsuit.

The actor and rapper got hit with a lawsuit seeking $200 million by someone who says they wrote a script for a premise identical to the Starz show Power a decade ago, according to TMZ.

A man named Larry Johnson says that in 2005, he submitted a manuscript for a book titled Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid to someone named Nikki Turner at G-Unit Books. (For those who aren't up on their publishing industry news, G-Unit Books is an imprint of publisher Simon & Schuster.)

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Johnson claims Tribulation was about a man with a goatee who owned the hottest nightclub in Atlanta and had a short-tempered best friend. Power, which stars 50 Cent, is about a man with a goatee who owns the hottest nightclub in New York City and has a short-tempered best friend. Johnson says his pen name was "Ghost," which is the nickname of the main character on Power.

(A quick reality check: The plaintiff says he believes Turner shared the manuscript with 50 Cent, who turned around, waited nearly a decade, then pitched it to Starz. And then agreed to not play the main character, or take any credit for writing or creating the show. The creator of Power is actually executive producer Courtney Kemp Agboh. 50 Cent has a producer credit, but has never been listed as a writer on the show. Furthermore, "kid from the ghetto grows up to own hot nightclub and have moody best friend" is not the world's most original concept.)

50 Cent — FKA Curtis Jackson — knows his way around the inside of a courtroom by this point. Earlier this year, he declared bankruptcy after a judge ruled he owed someone $5 million for maliciously leaking a sex tape

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